Last week we talked about how nutrition affects your emotional health. But did you know that exercise has just as much of an influence on your emotional health as your diet does? Today we’ll be discussing how you can use exercise to better your state of mind!


One of the biggest things that exercise will influence is your ability to sleep. Our bodies need to recover when we work out, regardless of how hard we have pushed ourselves! Sleep is an optimal time for recovery from the stress we put our bodies through. Not only does it help us recover physically, but it can also help put our minds at ease, allowing us to think clearer and make better decisions. Everyone will agree that when you are well rested, you feel better overall!


When you move your body, more endorphins are produced. Endorphins not only help boost your performance, but your mood as well! A brisk run, a hike, or even dancing to a few of your favorite songs is all it takes to pump your brain full of these mood-lifting neurotransmitters!

Exercising can also be considered a form of meditation. Repetitive movements, especially those that are strenuous, help your brain to tune out your stress and worries and allow you to focus on the hard work you’re doing. This will give your mind a break and let you come back to your problems later with a clearer mind.


Everyone gets sick of the same old thing! By adding exercise into your routine and varying the activities you do, you’ll be able to better stimulate your mind and make your day-to-day more fun and rewarding! Grab a friend to help you with your workouts, try a new class, or take a different walking route. By switching things up, you’ll feel more fulfilled and satisfied with your routine!

Exercise can help improve many aspects of your life. Instead of seeing it as a punishment, see it as a way to take care of your physical and emotional health! It should be a time for you to focus on yourself and practice self-care. 

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